Northern Exposure

Kiilopää's weekly program includes day trips all year round. Explore the Lappish nature and wilderness together with our professional guides.

summer program 2017

There is something for everyone in Fell Centre Kiilopää's Summer program.


09.00–10.00 Kiilopaa Outdoor Office. Open Info about Suomen Latu Kiilopää and its functions, UK-nationalpark, best tips for outdoor activities and mountain bikers etiquette.

10.30–14.00 Guided relaxing forestbathing and -lolling walk 6-8k m


08.45–09.15 Kiilopaa Outdoor Office

10.00–15.00 Top day! Guided scenery walk to Kiilopää Fell 546 m and nearby fells 8-10 km

15.00–20.00 Smokesauna and dip into Kiilopuro


08.45–09.15 Kiilopaa Outdoor Office

10.00–15.00 Leisured family friendly flora and fauna walk in Urho Kekkonen nationalpark 8-10 km.

15.00–20.00 Smokesauna and dip into Kiilopuro


08.45–09.15 Kiilopaa Outdoor Office

10.00–16.00 What a Gorge! Guided and dashing geological walk aroung gorge’s 12-15 km

20.00–21.00 Get together party at Maahinen. Pancake on the house. Sami music at backgroud.


08.45–09.15 Kiilopaa Outdoor Office

10.00–13.00 This is Disc Golf! Learn with us Disc Golf basics. Short tour at our new cource.

14.00–15.00 Guided barefootwalk 1-2 km. Barefootwalk invokes your mind for weekend.

15.00–20.00 Smokesauna and dip into Kiilopuro


FOR SATURDAY & SUNDAY independent activities:

Hiking to Kiilopää Fell (546 m above see level):
- in summer when the sun does not set at all even at midnight
- 2 km/one way, about 800 steps

Self-acting trips along the nature paths of Kiilopää
- Vasapolku path 1 km, Poropolku path 5,3 km or Kiirunapolku path 6 km, Luulampi round trip 11km
- Fireplace and Jungle Gym in the beginning of the trail

Geocaching: go to search for the geocaches around Kiilopää. You can rent a GPS at the reception for 10 €/GPS.
Ask for more information!

Self-acting program on the courtyard of Fell Centre Kiilopää: pétanque, disc golf, “suopunki” = reindeer lasso throwing and Finnish game ”mölkky”.