A'la carte Kammi

The true taste of Lapland on your plate.

A'la carte Kammi is a 40 seat restaurant with an intimate and peaceful feeling. Our menu is based on local ingredients and delicacies.

Restaurant is next time open in September 2018. During the Summer season Kammi can be booked privately for the groups.

Please make a table reservation by phone +358 16 6700 700 / Kiilopää reception.

The restaurant can be booked privately outside of normal opening hours. 




False morel soup with smoked reindeer                                      9,90 €                                        

Salmon pastrami with horseradish mousse                                 10,90 €

Reindeer carpaccio and chanterelle mousse with

sea-buckthorn and apple chutney                                               10,90 €

Kammi Fishplate                                                                       11,90 €

Cold-smoked salmon, smoked vendace mousse and salmon pastrami with chanterelle mousse


Whitefish roasted in butter, false morel sauce                             27,00 €                               

Beef fillet with chanterelle mousse                                             29,00 €

Fried reindeer fillet with thyme sauce                                          36,00 €

Wild duck breast with parsnip purée                                           32,00 €

Traditional sauntéed reindeer with smashed potatoes                  22,90 €

Creamy salmon soup with roasted rye bread                               16,90 €


Crème Brûlée                                                                             9,90 €

Bread cheese braised in cinnamon cream, cloudberries                  9,90 €                        

Parfait of local berries                                                                 9,90 €








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