Nature’s Wellbeing

Nature is close by in Kiilopää and it is important for us to take care of nature’s well-being for our part. We are happy to provide more information if you are interested, just ask at the reception.

Remember that we are at the gate of Urho Kekkonen National Park and the national park operates its own set of rules. You can find more information on the website.


In the yard of Kiilopää, next to the outside turf hut Maahinen, there is a waste recycling point. The point has its own collection bins for paper, glass, metal and mixed waste. We hope you help us by sorting your waste.

Change of towels and linen

Doing laundry puts a strain on nature by producing grey wastewater and consuming energy. For our weekly customers, we do an interim cleaning of the rooms once a week, during which we change your towels and empty your trash bin. Linen is changed every 7 days. If you want to change your room textiles more often, please ask at reception.

Geothermal heat

In line with sustainable development, we have switched to use nature-friendly geothermal energy during the autumn of 2015.

Electric car

In the end of 2019, Kiilopää acquired its first electric car to serve as a maintenance vehicle.