Suomen Latu Kiilopää is a center for nature-based activities, wellness and experiences. We want to offer our guests an experience where sustainability covers everything we do and is a natural part of our daily work.

Sustainability is part of Kiilopää’s strategy as a whole. Our main principal is to offer activities and experiences that take place in nature and are powered by each guest’s own muscles and bodyweight.

We are committed to prevent and reduce our operations environmental impacts. We work actively to increase sustainability and responsibility by improving our own actions and setting new goals on a yearly basis.

We aim to be the most well-known and environmentally friendly center in Finnish Lapland offering nature-based activities, wellness and experiences.

Our impact on the environment

We use 100% renewable wind powered energy and environmentally friendly eco-labelled products – and when we purchase new, we invest in resource efficient technology.

We measure and follow our environmental efficiency on a regular basis, and focus on following the consumption of water, electricity and energy, and our waste production.

  • We are committed to reduce our water and energy consumption
  • We sort and recycle nearly all our waste
  • We grow the amount of organic and local produce in our kitchen
  • We are committed to produce waste as little as possible
  • We use biodegradable cutlery and dishes only when absolutely necessary in special circumstances
  • We offer our guests pure and fresh Lappish tap water instead of bottled water
  • Our guides use only marked trails during the summer
  • We measure our carbon footprint on a yearly basis

We are part of the society

We understand and recognize our duty as a local actor and part of the society. With our operation we want to represent the local life and environment, the ways and culture of our part of Lapland. We function in Sápmi , the land of the last European indigenous people. This and the nature of the fell area are strong, important factors in our way of life at Kiilopää.

The locality shows:

  • In the products we sell in our mini market
  • At our restaurant, especially in seasonal dishes such as berries, mushrooms and fish
  • In our sauna world
  • In the activities we offer our guests

Increasing inclusivity as part of our business culture

  • We are committed to treat all our guests equally
  • We are committed to focus more on inclusivity
  • We are not able to offer fully accessible services and infrastructure for everyone, due to the nature of our business, but we are working on offering more accessible services in the future
  • When developing our customer experience we need to focus on the quality of our infrastructure and strengthen the implementation of locality
  • We are committed in hiring people to staff and management positions without discrimination with regards to the person’s age, race, sex, disabilities, socioeconomical status etc.

Economical sustainability means continuity

Our function at Kiilopää is economically sustainable, long-term and creating continuity. Suomen Latu Kiilopää has offered activities since 1964. As a responsible employer we pay fair wages to our people, we employ throughout the year, and we offer both education and training, as well as our support in lodging.

  • We recognize our significance as a work place, tax payer, local actor and as part of Suomen Latu organization
  • Our operation is economically sustainable and continuous

Geothermal heating, electric car, and wind energy

In 2015 we chose geothermal heating as our method of heating. In 2019 we invested in to our first electric car, this is one of our two maintenance vehicles. In 2020 we chose wind energy as the form of energy that we use at Kiilopää.

Kiilopää is recognized with Sustainable Travel Finland label

In December 2022 Suomen Latu Kiilopää received STF label in recognition of our efforts in sustainable and responsible travel.

Sustainable Travel Finland label is given by Visit Finland to sustainable businesses and destinations in Finland. Visit Finland’s vision is for Finland to be the world’s leading sustainable travel destination.

We at Kiilopää are happy and proud to be on this path and continue the work!

We were recognized with Green Key ecolabel in 2021

Certified with Green Key label in 2021

We have been dedicated to improve our long term ecological responsibility. Responsibility is important part of the values of our company.

In recognition of our efforts, we’ve been certified with Green Key -eco-label 10th of December 20201. Hotels with Green Key are committed to raise the awareness of ecological values in both staff and visitors alike. Green values include reduction of energy- and water consumption and reducing the carbon footprint and ecological stress of the accommodation. Eco-label is international and promotes sustainable traveling. Eco-certification gives our customers opportunities to make informed and ecological choices to reduce their carbon footprint.

We care about nature, the environment and our customers.

What can you do?

Every choice matters

  • Though flight travel is often considered the most convenient means of travel when arriving from abroad, we encourage you to choose direct flights and local transportation once in Lapland – one can take a train and bus combination from Helsinki or the bus from Ivalo airport, for example
  • Minimise, sort and recycle your waste. We have waste disposal close to the national park gate and Maahinen where one can sort waste into paper, glass, metal and mixed waste containers
  • Be mindful with your water consumption and leave temperature controls in your room or cabin as they are
  • Choose vegetarian more often and avoid food waste when enjoying the buffet table
  • Help us reduce the grey water and energy consumption amounts Doing laundry puts a strain on nature by producing grey wastewater and consuming energy. For our weekly customers, we do an interim cleaning of the rooms once a week, during which we change your towels and empty your trash bin. Linen is changed every 7 days

Responsible steps in the national park

At Kiilopää we’re surrounded by nature and it’s vital to us to take care of the wellbeing of our surroundings. One can step into Urho Kekkonen national park from our front door. We encourage our guests to learn more about the guidelines and etiquette of Finnish national parks.