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Welcome to Kiilopää!

Wed 17 Feb 2016 12:00:00 PM EET

Every season is full of wonders :

Discover the northern lights dancing from autumn on  in the night sky,
enjoy kaamos, the eternal night with its soft blue light,
In springtime snow sparkles like diamond under the rising sun,
Hear in summer the resounding songs of the migratory birds coming to nest,
Ruska will delight you with its flamboyant autumnal colors

On your own or with a experienced guide, by foot, ski or snowshoe, discover the surrounding forests and fells (tunturis).
If you feel courageous enough, why not try winter swimming in the river after the authentic Finnish smoke sauna?
In wintertime, Kiilopää is also a starting point for safaris (husky, reindeer, snowscooter, ...)

Several housing options are available at Kiilopää : hotel, hostel, cottages or terraced houses. The buffet and steakhouse restaurant will offer you savory meals made from local and seasonal products.