Arctic Adventures for All

Explore Lapland with us - Europe's last wilderness.

Fell Centre Kiilopää is located next to the gates of Urho Kekkonen National Park - the second largest national park in Finland. Named after our former President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen (in office from 1956 to 1982), the park is also known as "UKK National Park". The park covers 2,550 square kilometres and encompasses a wide range of varied landscapes, from mighty fells and vast bogs to forested areas.

Kiilopää Fell Centre is an ideal area for nature lovers and for those who are interested in outdoor activites all year round. A wide network of marked hiking trails and nordic ski tracks start off from the main door of the Fell Centre.

You can also join in our guided trips led by our experienced nature guides. Together we go cross country skiing, snowshoeing and, naturally, we explore the surrounding wilderness on foot - with and without Nordic walking sticks. In winter time you can have fun on our husky or reindeer or snowmobile safaris.

And do not worry about the right equipment: at our Rental Shop you will find the right gear for a successful day outdoors.

After an active day outdoors, with all that new energy, you are welcome to take part in our evening program. Would you like to make pancakes on an open fire, listen to exotic Sami stories, sing together, or stretch out your muscles? Depending on the season, we have all kinds of fun activities on the list!