In Winter, in the glittering snow...

Kiilopää is the ideal place for cross-country skiing with a wide range of prepared trails around the Kiilopää-Saariselkä area. Explore and enjoy the beautiful Lappish nature and the calm and quite winter landscape on a pair of skis. You can also choose to ski off-trail with a pair of forest skis. Ask our ski service for rental skis and guided group tours. 

Our weekly schedule offers our guests guided day trips, special weeks and offerings as well as a wide range of independent activities. 

The day trips are open to all. Our guides have the expertise needed to make your trip safe and memorable. On the day trips our aim is to ski as much as possible off-trail and in the midst of nature. Although, due to weather conditions this might not always be possible. 

Please take into account that some skiing skills are always needed on the trips. If you are not sure if a trip is suitable for you, please discuss with our guides.

The special weeks have different prices, so to take part of a trip on a special week you need to make a reservation and pay in advance. 

Cross-country skiing tracks map.