Everyman's rights - The right to move around freely in nature

Have you ever thought about hiking in the forest feeling as free as a bird? Feeling the silence and the tranquility of wild nature and its inhabitants. You will most likely encounter more reindeer than human beings during a weeklong trip in the wilderness. 

When you step outside and into the forest, you can stop and listen to the silence, the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of wild fell birds, reindeer stepping on twigs – making their way through the green forest.

In the winter there is the landscape of pure white snow and blue sky, northern lights that light up the sky in blazing colors.

During springtime when the days are already long and warm, the sun is out, the lakes are still frozen and the snow sparkles in the sunlight.

Experience the midnight sun during summertime, silence combined with the sun that never sets under the horizon. Take a sip of water from the crystal clear lakes and rivers and feel the intensity of this short season.

Autumn comes in many bursting colors filling the landscape with intense red, yellow, orange, auburn, copper and gold. This is also the best time to pick lingonberries, bilberries and cloudberries.

You can roam in the wilderness during any season by foot, skis or snowshoes as long as you respect the property and privacy of other people, including yards and cultivated fields, and don’t damage living trees or bird nests or disturb animals on purpose. You can however pick berries, flowers and mushrooms as long as they are not protected.

The sense of peace, quite and tranquility are memorable experiences that you take back with you home.

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