Geocaching is an outdoor activity for all ages. There are about 150 geocaches hidden around the Kiilopää area. Some of the geocaches are near the Fell Center, while others are a day trip away inside Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Geocaching is enjoyed by people all over the world. Participants search for geocaches (usually boxes) hidden by other geocaching enthusiasts, using a GPS device or a map. There are geocaches everywhere: in cities, in forests, on islands... almost anywhere you can think of!

Geocaching is a hobby that is especially suitable for parents and children to enjoy together.

Details about geocaches can be found at Groundspeak's international geocaching website, By registering a free account there, you can get the specific coordinate location for each geocache.

Did you know?
- There are many geocaches around the Kiilopää Fell Center, waiting for you to find on your own.
- From our Reception desk, you can borrow a GPS device (with deposit) and an information leaflet about local geocaches.
- There are three geocache trails or series in the area: "Kiilopään Keino", "Rautuvankka", and "Siula".

Learn more about geocaching at

Ratings for difficulty 

Each cache has two ratings for difficulty: difficulty of finding the cache and terrain. Ranging from 1 (easy) to 5 (very difficult). An easy cache can be spotted easily in the terrain, a difficult one requires more thinking or even special equipment. An easy terrain is wheelchair accessible, a difficult terrain requires special equipment (a boat, climbing ropes or other). 

Different types of caches

The caches may have different sizes, ranging from the size of a 35mm film canister (micro cache) to the size of a bucket. The standard caches have a volume of about one liter. 

There are different types of caches. The most common one's are traditional caches, where the coordinates lead directly to the cache. 

The multicaches are composed of a set of caches, each cache providing the coordinates for the next cache. These coordinates can be written on hidden papers or written on fences for example. 

Please note that caches might not be available during certain seasons (snow or a frozen river might make it impossible to reach a cache).


Geocaching allows you to discover spectacular landscapes, historical sites or remarkable locations in a different and original way.

Geocaching is a fun hobby that can develop your skills in orienteering, creativity, and your ability to think, all while practicing sports outdoors.

Experience geocaching in the stunning scenery of Kiilopää!