Suomen Latu Kiilopää – developing the digital ecosystem and ecommerce

In year 2022 the internal and external digital ecosystem of Suomen Latu Kiilopää, ecommerce and the level of digital competence of the personnel will be developed in a project.

After the development project our products and services can be found and bought easily from the internet. And we will be able to be in touch with our customers in a new way on new channels.

Project time: 1.1. – 31.12.2022

Fell Centre Kiilopää’s saunas and cold water swimming world, “The Sanctuary of Well-being for hikers and trekkers

Suomen Latu is building and developing a new sauna complex and winter swimming location (“The Sanctuary of Well-being”). The new sauna complex includes men`s and women`s sauna sections, sauna exhibition, cold water swimming location and smoke sauna services. Suomen Latu wants to strengthen the knowledge of Finnish sauna culture among the international guests.

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