What if..

…you could start your workday with a dip in the fell stream?

…you could cycle to the fell and back during your work break?

…you felt tranquility and peace amidst nature in your everyday life?

Transform your daily routine and come for remote work in the arctic landscapes at Suomen Latu Kiilopää! ✨

Remote Worker’s Paradise

What we offer:

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Tranquil environment – space to think

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Inquire about remote work opportunities:

+358 16 6700 700



“My remote office at Kiilopää was in a log cabin. There’s a reliable connection, so I was able to do all office work and necessary meetings. It’s refreshing to clear the mind during breaks, for example, by skiing.” – Niina

“We’ve noticed that the workdays feel shorter when taking an active break and going outdoors during the day. And here, we’ve had perfect opportunities for that! Even though the number of work hours is the same as at home, time passes faster, and the ability to concentrate is better.” – Veera and Saku