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Northern Lights photography workshop

8.1.2022 15.1.2022

Northern Lights photography workshop

Learn to photograph the Northern Lights in the great setting and nature of Fell Center Kiilopää. The location is perfect for night time photography as it is situated directly next to Urho Kekkonen National park so light pollution is minimal. The workshop will be led by photographer Sampsa Sulonen who is a regular visitor at Kiilopää throughout the year. He has plenty of experience capturing the beauty of the Aurora Borealis in Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Lapland. But when the conditions are optimal he has photographed them as far south as his hometown Espoo.

732 €/person/ 7 nights, in twin room
822 €/person/ 7 nights, in single room

Price includes

  • The photography workshop program
  • Hotel accommodation in twin or single room
  • Full board (from arrival day dinner to breakfast on departure day)
  • Every day evening sauna & smoke sauna Tue and Fri
  • Snowshoe rental for programmed activities 

Workshop objective

To learn about the northern lights, get to know optimal settings and techniques for capturing beautiful northern lights and landscape photos, plan and execute successful photography trips during winter time and to get comfortable editing photos in Adobe Lightroom.

During the workshop will cover different cameras and lenses as well as handy accessories that are useful for northern light and landscape photography and of course the settings and techniques to make the most out of them. In addition, we will learn about photo post-processing in Adobe Lightroom especially concerning northern light and night photos. And of course we will enjoy the peaceful nature of Lapland around Kiilopää, the awesome smoke sauna and ice hole swimming and excellent food!

Target audience: People interested in northern lights, night sky and landscape photography. You can be a beginner or more experienced photographer who wants to learn tips and techniques for night time photography and Lightroom post processing. Course is mainly geared towards northern lights photography.

Gear list for participants

  • Warm winter clothes and gloves (temperature can be -30C), backpack, thermos, headlamp (preferably with red light function)
  • Good and warm winter shoes, photography trips will be done either by foot or with snowshoes.
  • Camera with manual controls (shutter speed, aperture) and option for remote or time-delay triggering. DSLR or ILC camera and a wide angle lens with large aperture is useful.
  • A good tripod is highly recommended but it is possible to get by without if you prop the camera up on top of your backpack for example
  • A laptop computer with Adobe Lightroom (and Photoshop) if you want to participate fully during post processing lectures. 30-day trial version is perfectly fine.

Workshop lecture examples

  • Gear that a northern lights photographer needs (cameras, lenses, tripods, accessories)
  • Basics of exposure (aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity)
  • Photography technique for landscape and northern lights photos
  • Useful extras (backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, phone apps, predictions etc.)
  • Image post-processing (Adobe Lightroom), basics and night time photo specifics
  • Advanced post-processing techniques (time-lapse, star trails, image stacking)

Booking: kiilopaa@suomenlatu.fi or tel. +358 16 6700 700.