Kiilopään Luontohotelli Auhto

Nature Hotel Auhto

Nukahda tunturipuron solinaan pohjoisen tähtitaivaan alla.

At the nature hotel, you stay in a Spider Tree Tent, where you can experience the most unforgettable night’s sleep! The tree tents are situated along Kiilopuro River, near Kiilopää’s courtyard, yet in their own peaceful setting.

Lahka, Beassi, and Johka are suitable for three adults or two adults and two small children.

Hotti is the “suite” of the tree tents, accommodating up to two adults, and includes a delightful surprise in its price.

The rent of sleeping bag is included to the price but you can of course bring your own sleeping bag also.


Reservations for accommodation and for public shifts of smoke sauna

+358 16 6700 700

Nature Hotel Auhto Facilities

  • Price includes breakfast
  • Showers and mini gym included.
  • Evening sauna 4 PM – 8 PM
  • Communal kitchen in Hostel Ahopää
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