Syysvaellus Kiilopäällä

How to Get Here?

All Paths Lead to Kiilopää

From Helsinki to Kiilopää is over 1000 kilometers, and from Oulu nearly 500 kilometers. How to get there and how long does the journey take? Fortunately, there are many different ways to reach Kiilopää!

We recommend our guests to choose the most environmentally friendly mode of transport suitable for each situation. We advocate for sustainable tourism, as evidenced by our Green Key environmental certification and our participation in the Sustainable Travel Finland initiative.

Suomen kartta

You Can Get to Kiilopää..

By Train & Bus

You can reach Rovaniemi by train. Check the schedules of VR trains here. From Rovaniemi railway station, it’s 260 km to Kiilopää, and there are daily bus connections from the railway station to Kiilopää. Check the buses here. Remember to select ‘Kiilopää (Inari)’ as your destination.

By Bus

Check the bus schedules here. Remember to select ‘Kiilopää (Inari)’ as your destination. Look up routes from Rovaniemi to Kiilopää or Ivalo to Kiilopää.

By Car or Carpooling

From Highway 4, also known as E75, turn east at Kakslauttanen onto Kiilopääntie (Road No. 9695). The distance from the junction to Suomen Latu Kiilopää’s courtyard is 6 km.

By Plane

Ivalo Airport is located 46 km north of Kiilopää. Finnair operates flights to Ivalo year-round. Check Finnair’s flights here. A shuttle bus operated by Eskelisen Lapin Linjat connects Ivalo Airport to Kiilopää for all Finnair flights.

Create the Travel Itinerary That Suits You Best

You can plan various travel itineraries at

If You Need Local Transportation, There Are Also Taxi Services Available in the Area

The nearest taxi station is in Saariselkä, 16 km north of Kiilopää. For more information on taxis and transportation services in Saariselkä, you can visit the Inari-Saariselkä Tourism website.

Charging for Electric Cars

At Kiilopää, there are also electric car charging facilities! The charging stations (4 spots) are located at the southern end of the main building.

  • Daytime charging (up to 4 hours) costs €15 per session.
  • Overnight charging from 8 PM to 8 AM costs €25 per session.

Note! Other electrical outlets/spots are not intended for charging electric cars.

Reserve the charging service at the hotel reception or by calling 016-6700 700.

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