Vaelluskengät Kiilopäällä kesällä

The Seasons at Kiilopää

When is the best time to visit Kiilopää? In our opinion, any time of year – each season has its own magic! Explore below for more details on each season.

The Midnight Sun

As summer arrives, birds return to the north, covering the fells in lush moss and flowers. Streams babble clear and fresh, offering refreshment to hikers and adventurers. The midnight sun, which never sets below the horizon, provides the opportunity to enjoy nature around the clock. You can admire expansive views and experience true peace and quiet.

During summer, you can enjoy hiking, trail running, mountain biking, geocaching, disc golf, and many other summer activities.

Polkujuoksu Kiilopäällä
Kiilopään Kuurakaltio savusauna ja Kiilopuron uintipaikka kesällä

The Colors of Fall Foliage

At Kiilopää, you can start enjoying the colors of fall foliage as early as late August. Shades of red illuminate the fell slopes on crisp autumn days, making it a perfect time for hiking or cycling in the autumnal landscape. During autumn at Kiilopää, similar activities to summer are enjoyed, but with changes in scenery due to the season. Trails remain accessible until the first snowfall, usually around mid-October.

Many autumn hikers begin their journeys into Urho Kekkonen National Park from Kiilopää or return to Kiilopää after their trek. During autumn hikes, there are also no bothersome insects, and it’s likely to wake up to a light frost tinting the landscape in the mornings.


Syysvaellus Kiilopäällä

The Twilight of Polar Night

Silence, the tranquility of polar night, northern lights, and thick blanket of snow – at Kiilopää, you can experience a true winter.

Winter activities at Kiilopää include skiing, cross-country skiing, winter cycling, snowshoeing, and winter swimming. You might even see kite skiers and freeriders on the fells. The Kiilopää and Saariselkä area boasts a nearly two-hundred-kilometer network of groomed ski trails and well-maintained winter cycling routes. Beyond the groomed trails, you can easily enjoy the freedom of untouched snowfields and open fells. Skiing with touring skis helps you forget about haste and relax your mind, making it easy to spend an entire day lost in the beauty of the fells.

Revontulet Kiilopäällä
Tähtitaivas kaamoksen aikaan

Spring and Glistening Snowdrifts

At Kiilopää, trail maintenance continues until after May Day, and even after that, there are often enough groomed trails for skiing well into mid-May. In spring, the skiing season is extended by crust skiing conditions, allowing for excellent off-trail skiing with touring skis.

Skiing on crust snow is a world-class experience, where the crust can support skiers all day long. In spring crust skiing conditions, cycling is also possible anywhere, off the marked routes. There’s nothing more enjoyable than winding through the trees in the middle of the forest.

Sunny spring days provide ideal conditions for winter sports, and the wintry conditions persist in the fells well into May. Kiilopää’s spring also includes guided fell tours led by guides, offering a safe way to enjoy the area, including exploring the local valleys for the entire day.

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