Turvekammi Maahinen

Restaurant Services

Would you like to savor local flavors, satisfy your hunger with a plentiful buffet, or quickly stop by for coffee and a doughnut? We offer a variety of dining options for every preference!

Kammi Restaurant & Fireplace Lounge

Come enjoy the cozy atmosphere at Kammi Restaurant. Our diverse menu features local Lappish delicacies, and the bar offers a wide selection of drinks. The restaurant has seating for 40 guests, and the window provides a delightful view of the fell stream.

Ravintola Kammin lohikeitto

Café-Restaurant Kiilopää

The Kiilopää Café is a rest stop for skiers and hikers. It offers sandwiches, pastries, coffee, tea, juice, and refreshments. We bake fresh doughnuts and pastries every day. The café is licensed to serve alcohol.

Kiilopään kahvila

Turf Hut Maahinen

Maahinen is a cozy turf hut located in the Kiilopää yard. It can hold about 50 people at a time. It also hosts delicious pancake evenings weekly. The space is ideal for small parties and meetings.

Turvekammi Maahinen
Turvekammi Maahinen

Reserve the space for private use.

Planning a birthday party, team-building day, or an association meeting? We can customize the event spaces, restaurant services, and possible activities to suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss further!

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