Pannukahvit Kiilopään turvekammi Maahisessa

Turf Hut Maahinen

Enjoy the warmth of an open fire in the cozy Turf Hut.

Join the Pancake Evening or Book a Space for Your Own Group

The Maahinen is located right in the yard of Kiilopää and can accommodate up to 50 people at a time. Popular pancake evenings are organized weekly at Maahinen, and the space is also well-suited for small parties and meetings.

Turvekammi Maahinen
Turvekammi Maahinen Pannukahvit Kiilopään turvekammi Maahisessa
Turvekammi Maahinen
Turvekammi Maahinen

Having a party or a meeting coming up?

Rent Maahinen for private use starting from €150/hour. Minimum rental period is 2 hours. Additionally, catering according to your choice.

Inquire for a quote from our sales service:

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