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By using our services, you support outdoor recreation in Finland

Suomen Latu Kiilopää is owned by Suomen Latu ry, which is the central organization for over 83,000 outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. The organization’s goal is to encourage people to engage in outdoor activities more frequently and diversely.

1964 – Beginning of the Story

The road is being constructed and the first buildings are being moved to the area. The Kiilopää area was chosen by Suomen Latu ry because it was an excellent location for training people to become experts in fell trekking. The founding members had strong faith in this area, even though the task was daunting. It now seems almost impossible to imagine that in the middle of nowhere, they began building and maintaining infrastructure such as electricity, water, and telephone lines.

1983 – National Park is established Next to Kiilopää

The national park was established in 1983 to protect forest, swamp, and fell nature and to ensure the conditions for traditional livelihoods, mainly reindeer herding, and traditional hiking.

1985-1998 – Kiilopää Expands its services

  • 1985 – Hotel Niilanpää and ski trails with lights are built
  • 1989 – Restaurant Kammi is built
  • 1996 – Turf hut Maahinen is built
  • 1997 – Ice swimming hole, changing rooms, and electric saunas are built
  • 1998 – Smoke sauna is built


  • 2015 – The first Kiilopää Ski event
  • 2017 – Finnish President Sauli Niinistö visits Kiilopää
  • 2018 – Suomen Latu ry 80th anniversary celebration at Kiilopää
  • 2019 – We acquire air source heat pumps and our first electric car
  • 2021 – We initiate a project to develop the smoke sauna and wellness

What we are now?

Currently, Kiilopää focuses on activities and events that support wellness and outdoor activities. We encourage people to move and enjoy nature ecologically. Here, you can still get close to nature and hike in peace without the hustle and bustle of large ski resorts, just like in the old days.

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